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PaperDrone Planner for Full Size Aircraft

PaperDrone Planner isn’t just for Drones.  In fact, many LA based helicopter and fixed-wing pilots use the planner to chart out their next flight around the southland.  Using the KML output to ‘fly the tour’, they are able to deliver their flights to their clients or dispatch to be opened and simulated in GoogleEarth.   Here’s an example of a X-Country flight a flight school used to explain a route to their ground school students.

First off, DOWNLOAD THE KVNY-KCMA-KVNY round-trip flight from Van Nuys Airport to Camarillo Airport and back to Van Nuys in an R44 Helicopter.

Check this little experiment out.  I made a flight path for my x-country trip tomorrow morning.  I created this in PaperDrone.com and exported a KML file for GoogleEarth.

Here’s how to take advantage of it.

1. GoogleEarth Pro is now FREE!   Download it here.


2. Once you grab a free user key, and then download – OPEN the program and go to GOOGLE EARTH PRO PREFERENCES (Mac OS) or OPTIONS (Windows).  To get to the GE options, select the menu “Tools -> Options” (or “Google Earth -> Preferences” on the Mac). This opens a window of options with the following panes: 3D View, Cache, Touring, Navigation, General.

3. In Preferences, Select the 3D VIEW TAB, then Under the TERRAIN section, select both USE HIGH QUALITY TERRAIN and also USE 3D IMAGERY.   Close that window.

4. Now, in the Left Side panel window, next to the MAP, go to the LAYERS window (lower left), and make sure you UN-SELECT 3D BUILDINGS (if it is selected)

5. In the same LAYERS window select TERRAIN in the very bottom of the options.

You should see the terrain and mountains appear.    Now you are viewing in full 3D digital elevation.   Keep in mind you can hold down the SHIFT KEY and then click and drag the mouse up and down, and left and right to spin around any point of the map in 3D.

Now you are ready to load the KML file.


6. Go to wherever the KML file, (preferably you copied it to the desktop) and simply DOUBLE-CLICK IT.  This will open the KML in the PLACES WINDOW on the left of the map, right above the LAYERS window you were in previously.

7. You’ll notice the file name, KVNY-KCMA-KVNY.   MAXIMIZE this directory by selecting the side arrow to the left of the name.

8.  You’ll notice three other names.

Placemarkers  (Don’t need to touch this)

Path Lines  (Don’t need to touch this)


9. If you select PLAY SIMULATION, you’ll see the bar below the name change and in the LOWER RIGHT of the PLACES window you are in, there will be a BUTTON with a little movie camera.

10. SELECT THE MOVIE CAMERA BUTTON, and the simulation will play of the flight.   You can stop and start it with the VIDEO CONTROLS in the lower left of the map window.

Or, you can stop the animation, and use the mouse and keys control to move around the flight path.


Waypoints need to have Names and be in Feet/Knots RATHER than Meters.

Have fun.