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PaperDrone began as an experiment, focused on developing a UAS planning application for the purpose of integrating robotic and autonomous aircraft into controlled airspace.

PaperDrone planner seeks to provide a free and stable online planning service to create intricate autonomous flight plans and export them for use by the leading Ground Control Stations utilizing the MAVLINK (Micro Air Vehicle Link) protocol.   Exported flight plans can be opened in Mission Planner, APM Planner2, QGroundControl, Andropilot and more.

PaperDrone is not an open-source application but does in fact support open-source projects utilizing the APM and PX4 Autopilot software/firmware projects.

PaperDrone was Created and Designed by Jon Farhat and Developed by Artem Zanko.

We encourage anyone involved in autonomous flight planning to set up a free account, save and share your flight plans, simulate your flights paths or just use to communicate your intentions to authorities before lifting off.

We are always improving PaperDrone Flight Planner and encourage you to offer your suggestions and wishes for our ongoing development.

We believe that only by embracing the various agencies, and best practices of commercial and civil aviation will the UAS community achieve true integration and acceptance of UAS systems within the current aviation community.   Self-regulation, respect and ingenuity are key.

We do not endorse or encourage the wild-west approach to drones in our airspace.  Flying drone aircraft is a serious responsibility.  These are not toys, no matter how they are packaged and marketed.   Unless we all embrace the serious nature, and powerful implications for good as well as understand the dangers of improper use, we will never successfully see the adoption of flying robotics.

Thank you, enjoy and we’d love to hear from you.

Jon Farhat



Jon Farhat is a Director, Producer and Visual Effect Supervisor in Hollywood for over 25 years. As a Commercial Helicopter pilot and UAS flight instructor, Farhat started PaperDrone as a passion project designed to provide a bridge between UAS and Civil Aviation systems.

Artem Zanko is a Physicist and Developer, currently working in Russia.  Artem is Head Developer for the PaperDrone Cesium project.

Feel free to contact both with any questions.